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    SBC takes full responsibility for your garment or product. There is a wide range of clothing here reach all over Europe, USA, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan etc…

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    We use advanced equipment and specialized employer to sew the garments, every worker have at least 5 years working experience. We also extensive supply chain to provide sustainable material.

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    With years of experience in manufacture, our team will arrange every detail. From your initial design, right thought to shipping, making Garment & Product Solutions your one-stop shop in China. This frees you up to build your brand, and focus on your marketing and sales.

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SBC Clothing

Our ethical and sustainable factories are located in China. Our doors are open, and we invite all of our clients to visit and work within our facilities.

High quality products are produced using sophisticated, transparent production operations, digital pattern making machines, bar coding systems, ecological waster management systems, and last but certainly not least, a clean and safe working environment in which workers are paid above the average standards.

Because we strive to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet, we encourage our clients to use either sustainable natural fibers or high quality recycled synthetic fibers.

Our Factory