Our ethical and sustainable factories are located in exotic surroundings in Bali and China. Our doors are open, and we invite all of our clients to visit and work within our facilities.

High quality products are produced using sophisticated, transparent production operations, digital pattern making machines, bar coding systems, ecological waster management systems, and last but certainly not least, a clean and safe working environment in which workers are paid above the average standards.

We allocate work where it is best suited depending on the product type and MOQ. Each factory specializes in specific categories such as: Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Couture, Swimwear, Activewear, Crochet, Intimates, Knitting, Denim, and more.

Because we strive to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet, we encourage our clients to use either sustainable natural fibers or high quality recycled synthetic fibers.


Each product type requires different MOQ’s depending on the material requirements. Our team of designers can help with sourcing and calculation of material orders according to designs and budget requirements.


China operate in different ways. It is important for the clients to understand the culture of the factory and the country they are working with before proceeding to sample.

CHINA: China has the largest access to resources and the fastest lead times. Prices are generally lower than other country, however, this is largely due to higher MOQ requirements. Though we do offer manufacturing with lower than usual MOQ’s in our China factories, the material or treatment process is also what dictates the product MOQ. If the MOQ of the material is not met, there will be surcharges to cover the leftover stock.


Please take the following 2 steps:

1. Ensure you have read through the sampling processes first.

2. We need some information about your existing or start up business so that we can allocate you with our most suited production plan and factory. Please read the information on our consulting page and complete either a the “Start up & Scale” up or “Established” briefs via buttons on that page.