Sustainable Development Goals

SBC is actively aligning its Business Plan to achieve Decarbonization.

• Latest project, SBC has been conceived with the notion of
striving to operate on Eco-friendly and Digitalized solutions.

• SBC aims to create quality apparel products without
compromising on environmental integrity, fully dedicated to making mindful sustainable choices.

Resource conservation through technological advancement

Installation Machinery reduces the use of water and other factory inputs in the Production Process.
• A continuous, regular flow of water is constantly
injected into the machine, then recovered and
recirculated. Water saving goes hand in hand
with significantly reduced energy consumption
and faster water filling and draining.
• The dyeing bath is injected through special
nozzle ensures a better performance and
penetration of chemical products and dyes.


• Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters at the Production
• Filtering the toxic substances from the factory waste water for safer absorption in the environment and reuse in Mill.
• Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to
clean Industrial Effluents


• Use of Eco-friendly cleaning agents to reduce adverse environmental impact
• Implementation of a Waste Management System to promote recycling and use of organic waste as compost.
• Training of Janitorial and Service Staff for efficient and systematic Waste Disposal Practices
• Installation of LEDs for energy conservation
• Reduced use of paper and stationery & implementation of Digitized Processes.